At our store, we not only stock the best brands to hire, but you have accessories to match!  Come in-store to find out what's the latest in high quality brands and accessories this season.


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Conveniently located at -

Happo - One • Echoland

Wadano • Goryu/47

Central Snowsports Hakuba stocks a wide range of accessories for your riding needs.

  • Face Protection – Buff, Bandanas, Neckwarmers
  • Helmets – Smith and POC – Kids and Adults
  • Goggles – Budget through to premium models by Smith and POC
  • Socks – Ski and Board socks that work! They will make all the difference in comfort.
  • Footbeds – Footbeds are essential whether in rental boots or your own, have a chat to us and feel the difference.

We also stock hand and toe warmers, electric bootheaters by Sidas, sunscreen, Blistex and more.

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At Central Snowsports, we support payments from major credit cards including Visa, Master Card and American Express to secure your online transactions.

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