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Scope – the Terms and Conditions (T&C) covers all outlets operating under the CENTRAL SNOWPSORTS branding. This includes:-  Falls Creek Central Snowsports Pty Ltd , Hotham Central Snowsports Pty Ltd and Hakuba Central Snowsports Pty Ltd.


  1. Demo/Premium equipment packages include free swapping, this allows you to try different skis or boards.
  2. Swap from skis to boards in our standard range is free for the first swap. For subsequent swaps there is a ¥1500 fee in Japan and $15 fee in Australia.
  3. You are required to make your own way to the closest store for swaps.


  1. Children are classified by age.
  2. Children aged 14 and under are considered “children” for equipment rental in Japan and aged 17 and under in Australia.


  1. A refund can be provided for early rental returns for bookings made directly with Central Snowsports. Equipment is to be returned before 5.00 pm or by 9am sharp, any refund is processed with that being the conclusion of the last day. Refunds will not be given for unused days in the middle of your hire period. Refunds are not be available on specials and promotional packages unless otherwise advised.
  2. Bookings through agents are not eligible for an early return refund. Your agent may be able to arrange a refund. Some refunds are available under certain travel insurance policies.
  3. All cancellations or amendments for online bookings with Central Snowsports via centralsnowsports.com.au must be made at least 72 hours before first day of hire. Cancellations incur a 20% cancellation fee.
  4. All online hire bookings must be made 72 hours before first day of hire. First day of hire is the first day the equipment is used.


  1. Equipment can be collected from 1pm before the first day of hire. Collection after 1pm is not counted as a hire day. A minimum of 1 full day hire will be charged for equipment rental.
  2. Equipment returned after 9am after the last day of hire will be charged as a full day.
  3. Equipment can be collected from either of the two stores in Falls Creek. In Hakuba, Japan we have four stores and equipment can be collected from your store of choice.


  1. Damage insurance is built into the price of the rental for any repairable damage which includes the following –
    1. Base scratches
    2. Edge and base tuning.
    3. Base patching and P-texing /core shots
    4. De laminations
    5. Cracked top sheets
    6. Snapped board or ski
  2. Damage from misuse, skiing on roads, damage to top sheets from ski to ski contact will be charged at the discretion of the manager. Repairs start at $80 in Australia and equivalent costs in Yen.
  3. Rental equipment that is lost, stolen or irreparable will be charged at the 14 day rental rate.
  4. Normal wear and tear is excluded from the damage clause.


  1. I will be responsible for the return of the goods and equipment in good order and condition.
  2. I will be responsible to pay for damage, however caused, to the goods and equipment.
  3. I agree to return the goods and equipment to Central Snowsports no later than 5pm and the last day of the hiring period.
  4. Once we have completed the hire process and taken delivery of the goods and equipment Central Snowsports are not obliged to give a refund under any circumstances.
  5. On agreeing to the terms and conditions, you acknowledge that the recreational activities are dangerous with inherent risks and hazards and as a consequence (including serious personal injury) and sometimes death can occur. You accept all such risks and hereby waive the right to sue the suppliers for any personal injury or death suffered by you in any way whatsoever caused by or arising from such injuries.
  6. Central Snowsports strongly recommend that all skiers and snowboarders wear accredited helmets whenever skiing or snowboarding and Central Snowsports also recommend that snowboarders wear wrist guards.
  7. The equipment and services Central Snowsports supplies are rendered with due care and skill based on the information we receive from you.

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