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We know skiing and boarding, and we know what you want. From the basics to the latest demo brands we can help. The brands we stock are simply the best ... K2, Line, Volkl, Head, Ride Snowboards, Nordica, Full Tilt, Technica and Blizzard to name a few.


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The following is some of the brands and models we are stocking in the 2016-2017 season:


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85Xti – All mountain Game Changer. All terrain rocker and with metal laminate laid over Konic wood core. Playful, all mountain ski on and off piste.

Available in 163, 170, 177, 184 cm.

Pinnacle 95 – Jack of all terrain. All terrain rocker, the one ski quiver for freeride. Slay powder but also carve firmer, variable snow. Wood core with metal laminate.

Available in 170, 177 cm.

82Xti – All Mountain with on piste carve performance. Full timber core with metal laminate.

Available in 163, 170, 177 cm.

Luv Sick 80Ti – Speed and Security. This is an agile Womens ski that will handle crud and corduroy. Timber core with metal laminate.

Available in 149, 156, 163 cm.

OooLaLuv 85 – All terrain rocker. This is K2’s flagship, Womens all mountain ski, carves with ease and explores off piste terrain. Wood core with metal laminate.

Available in 156, 163 cm.

Volkl Skis

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RTM84 – With Wideride XL binding system, tip and tail rocker with camber underfoot, will perform in hard snow and off piste adventures.

Available in 162, 167, 172, 177 cm.

Kendo – Tip and tail rocker with early tip taper. With 90mm waist it can play in the powder but still has edge grip and stability for frontside performance.

Available in 163, 170, 177 cm.

98 – Incredibly light ski for all mountain, will handle bumps, trees, groomers, powder and crud. Easy, cruisey feel in a mid fat ski.

Available in 163, 170, 177 cm.

Revolt – The ski of Ahmet Dadali. Idela for buttering and tricks as well as some all mountain exploring for younger riders.

Available in 165, 173 cm.

Racetiger SC – Great frontside ski for intermediate to advanced skiers wanting tight, fast turns on hard pack snow, slalom style.

Available in 160, 170, 175 cm.

Volkl One – 138/116/130 mm.

Designed for skiers who want a powder ski for chopped up crud, blown snow, powder and crust. Playful powder ski for easy, drifty turns.

Available in 156, 166, 176, 186 cm.

98W – A lightweight, lively women’s all mountain freeride ski. Nimble, easy handling with smoothness and stability. Soft and variable snow as well as groomers.

Available in 163 cm.

Kenja – A womens 90mm waisted ski for all mountain performance. Tip and tail rocker with edge grip, stability and frontside performance but the waist to go into the crud, powder and trees.

Available in 149, 156, 163 cm.

Yumi – Light weight stable Womens skis who want to tackle the front and backside of the mountain. With an 83mm waist it can handle bumps, trees and hardpack.

Available in 154, 161 cm.

Flair 73 – Women’s lightweight ski for novice to intermediate skiers wanting to improve their frontside skiing.

Available in 141, 147, 153 cm.

Flair 78 – Women’s woodcore 78mm waisted ski for intermediate to advanced skiers. For skiing the groomers all day long.

Available in 149, 156, 163 cm.

Aurena – Women’s all mountain cruiser with timber core. Less weight and more edge grip with forgiving tip and tail rocker.

Available in 141, 147, 153 cm.

Rossignol Skis

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Experience 80 – Everything you need for the one ski quiver. All mountain performance across all terrain and snow conditions. 40% off trail/60% on trail.

Available in 144, 152, 160, 176 cm.

Experience 84 – All mountain performance across all terrain and now conditions with effortless float. 40% off trail, 60% on trail.

Available in 146, 154, 162, 170, 178 cm.

Experience 88 – Racing DNA meets freeride. High performace across all terrain. 50% off piste, 50% on piste.

Available in 156, 164, 170, 178 cm.

Pursuit HP – Frontside carving performance with some off trail capability, for intermediate to advanced skiers.

Available in 177 cm.

Sin 7 – All mountain freeride for any skier looking for versatility on groomers or soft snow. Powder turn rocker with positive camber underfoot.

Available in 164, 172, 180 cm.

Soul 7 – The most heavily demanded, acclaimed and versatile ski in freeride. Great edge grip, dampening and drive.

Available in 164, 172, 180, 188 cm.


Unique 8 – A powerful piste focussed ski for intermediate to advanced female skiers. Lightweight design but stable at medium to fast speeds.

Available in 149, 156, 163 cm.

Temptation 75 – Built for progression and forgiveness. This ski was designed to grow your confidence in all conditions with narrow waist for groomers and tip and tail rocker for off piste.

Available in 144, 152 cm.

Temptation 80 – Perfect ski for intermediate to advanced skier looking for a ski that is easy to turn and control. 80mm waist gives ability to turn on groomers and to peform in choppy or off piste terrain.

Available in 152, 160 cm.

Temptation 84 – High performance carving machine that has effortless freeride capabilities. All mountain benchmark for intermediate to advanced skiers. Air tip technology for less swing weight and auto turn rocker for easy turn in soft snow.

Available in 146, 154, 164 cm.

Saffron 7 – The superior all mountain ski for advanced riders. 98mm waist and powder rocker gives this ski the ability to perform on or off piste.

Available in 162 cm.

Line Skis

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Sick Day 95 – Blast through spring corn and slush or slash powder and crud, also performs in the backcountry. For advanced skiers wanting a softer, more forgiving all mountain tapered shape.

Available in 170, 179, 186 cm.

Supernatural 92 – All Terrain cruising for long and short turns, designed for capable skiers. Enough waist width, rocker and taper but without the feeling of a true big mountain freeride ski, like an in resort freeride ski.

Available in 165, 172 cm.

Soulmate 98 – Women’s all mountain ski from Line for intermediate to advanced skiers to carve, slash and blast the powder and crud.

Available in 158 cm.

Blizzard Skis

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Quattro 80 – Intermediate to advanced all mountain/piste carver with wider waist capabilities. Full sandwich construction with wood and titanium. Rip the groomers at speed or smash the crud.

Available in 168, 174 cm.

Brahma – A go to ski when snow is firm but you still chase some variable snow and softer sections, low rise rocker helps it turn on softer, narrow 88mm waist allows it to come around on piste.

Available in 166, 173, 180, 187 cm.

Bonafide – Rocker, camber, rocker profile nd with 98mm waist makes it one of our most versatile skis. Easy to control at all speeds for all skiers and can handle all mountain conditions. These are built to blast!

Available in 166, 173 cm.

Cochise – 108mm waisted ski with metal and wood with sidewall construction. Soft snow capable and a crud buster, advanced skiers!

Available in 163, 170, 178 cm.

K2 Snowboards

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Turbo Dream – Built to float powder, rip groomers and pop in the park. AT baseline rocker profile gives you flat and low rise rocker for riding anything with confidence.

Available in 153, 156, 159, 164 cm.

Hit Machine – The new standard in team driven freestyle. With freestyle Baseline rocker it kills it in the park and slays powder. Fun fun fun.

Available in 152, 155, 157 cm.

Cool Bean – A total shift in volume and mindset, this is fun. The width lets you carve hard on groomers and float in pow, people think it looks weird but you wont wipe the smile off your face. A must try!

Available in 144, 148 cm.

Carve Air – An all mountain ripping slopetool, a quick and nimble machine, spin, fip, tweak, slush bash, pow, whatever!

Available in 149, 154 cm.

Jones Snowboards

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Hovercraft – The Jones standard. Supreme float and rally car like handling have earned the Hovercraft a cult following. Power packed board handles blower, crud or crust.

Available in 148, 152, 156, 160, 164 cm, also available in Women’s model.

Aviator – Expert Freestyle and all mountain carving. Elite all mountain freestyle, enough said.

Available in 152, 154, 158, 160W, 164, 164W cm.

Explorer – Designed for pow days or park days, a floaty, freeride nose but with a freestyle tail, mellow Magne Traction makes for stable riding, directional rocker makes it easy to butter or stomp.

Available in 156, 158, 162 cm.

Flagship – Ultimate freeriding and fall line freestyle. The most confidence inspiring snowboard on the planet. With Magne Traction for added edge grip.

Available in 161, 163W, 168W.

Mountain Twin – Slashing, jibbing and jumping. Playful and precise, the one board that can do it all.

Available in 151, 154, 157, 161 cm – also available in Women’s model.

All of our Demo Board Range are matched with Union Flight Pro Bindings.

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